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The International Association of Maritime Security Professionals is a not-for-profit association of those practicing within the Maritime Security domain. It’s mission is to raise the standards associated with maritime security by adhering to the best practices associated with professional associations.

The History

The Association was founded in late October 2009 in response to the maritime security industry's concerns that there were no significant professional bodies that could adequately address many of the challenges faced by maritime security practitioners. The original founders of the Association took up this challenge and, following a six month project aimed at identifying best practices, undertook the steps necessary to form the Association itself. IAMSP was incorporated as a limited company under the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales on 14 May 2010 and then set in place the internal policies and structures for not-for-profit operations.

The primary efforts in establishing the company have all been carried by what are referred to as the Founding Members. Each  entered into the agreement to form the Association with two clear understandings. The Association was to remain pure as a professional association--that means that its goals were not to focus on the generation of wealth beyond its operational needs, but rather the elevation of standards. The second was that the Executive members of the Association would derive no pay from it--they would remain as volunteers and only be eligible for the reimbursement of the costs that they incurred directly in the establishment of the Association. To make sure that this principle was protected, two measures were enshrined in the Constitution. The first was a requirement for the Executive to remain as volunteers. The second was that, in order to protect the Association from being controlled by a dynasty, no member could hold more than two terms in a role in the Executive.  In short, the maritime security industry called for a home and we built one for that they could all participate in and one that they would all have a voice in.

Today, we would be described as a young and emerging organization made up of a membership. While this may be the case, many of its members have been working within the maritime security domain for several years.  These members include former regulators, security experts, ship operators, port facility operators, marine facility operators and students (to name a few). Over time, and with the efforts of our membership, we will achieve the necessary "grey-hair" status.

What is our interpretation of maritime security?

Maritime Security focuses on the protection of persons, assets, facilities, information and activities within the martime community. The maritime community is generally defined as being directly involved in or having a significant interest in the movement of persons or goods across oceans, seas or international waterways.

This Association includes perspectives from various naval (military) forces and the merchant marine. We intend to take a balanced approach that respects the cultures of both communities, as reflected in our management structure.

We welcome a variety of perspectives and opinions, believing that critical thinking can lead to more sound practices and concepts within the domain. For that reason, we place a significant emphasis on research and communication within the Association. We also seek those opinions from outside traditional membership communities–the academic and training institutions that will provide the next generation of leaders within the industry.

As professionals, we are committed to conduct our affairs in line with a Code of Practice and to uphold the Constitution of the High Quality Customized Mono With PU Around And Thin PU In Front Toupee For ManAssociation. This is a condition of membership and each member is held to the same standard. Our expectations as a community are clearly communicated within this webspace and include the Constitution, Code of Practice, Membership Criteria and expectations associated with the use of this webspace.

As an Association, we provide value to our members through membership, the ability to benefit from peer review and analysis, training and development opportunities and other efforts. We also pride ourselves on being open to our membership in exploring new ways for them to both benefit from their membership and promote the values of the association abroad.

We invite you to browse through this space. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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