The management structure of the Association is defined in Section 6 of the Constitution. It consists of three tiers:

  • The first tier, the Chairs, act as the public face and voice of the Association. There are two Chairs, one drawn from serving military (Navy) personnel and the other drawn from the Merchant Marine.
  • The second tier, the Board of Directors provides the leadership for the Association, ensuring that it operates within the constraints of the Constitution and for the benefit of its Members.
  • Project Chairs and Directors are members of the Association who have primary responsibility for a specific topic or issue within the Association.
  • The third tier, the Core Operating Staff, performs the day-to-day functions that keep the Association up and running.

Special Dispensation

During the this two-year period, the Executive is providing the overarching leadership, management and operations of the Association. This is a temporary situation that will culminate in the first general election to the Board of Directors in 2012. During this period, the Board of Directors are limited to the first four positions listed in the Constitution.

Current Chairs

  • First Chair (Industry) - Mr George Pateras
  • Second Chair (Military) - in discussion

Current Board of Directors / Executive

  • President - Mr David Stone MA MSc (contact d.stone(at)
  • Vice-President - Debborah Donnelly BSc MA ABCP (contact ddonnelly(at)
  • Secretary - Gordon Foot, MA MSc CMarTech FIMarEST SFIIRSM FinstLM AFNI IntET (contact g.foot(at)
  • Director 1 (from membership) - in discussion following change of elected persons
  • Director 2 (from membership) - in discussion following changes of elected persons
  • Director 3 (from membership) - in discussions following changes of elected persons

Project Chairs

  • Project Chair (Certification) - Captain Andrew Frank Korek, MNI
  • Project Chair (Seafarer Considerations and Re-integration) - Captain Abelardo Pacheco
  • Project Chair (EP) -
  • Project Chair (Veteran Outreach) - Jeff Woodruff, CD CAS
  • Project Chair -

Core Operating Staff

  • Chief Executive Officer – currently being maintained by the President and the Past President (currently as the Named Director at Companies House)
  • Chief Quality Assurance Officer – Allan McDougall BA BMASc PCIP CMAS CISSP CPP CAS-MSM (contact at amcdougall -at-
  • Chief Operations Officer – currently maintained by the Executive (President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Chief Information Officer – Mr Bob Radvanovsky
  • Chief Professional Development Officer – Allan McDougall BA BMASc PCIP CMAS CISSP CPP CAS-MSM
  • Chief Learning Officer - Allan McDougall BA BMASc PCIP CMAS CISSP CPP PSP

Former Founders

Former Founding Members: David Buston, John Dalby, Allan McDougall

Current Ad Hoc Committees

At this time, ad hoc committees are being considered for the 2013-2014 years