The role of the Legal Committee is to provide sound and sage guidance to the Association. Membership in this committee is highly restrictive, bringing together persons who can show both operational experience and understanding on one hand and, on the other hand, admittance to the applicable Bar with a focus on topics of specific interest to the Association..

IAMSP, as part of its efforts to serve its members, ensures that its standards and guidance are subject to legal review. We are truly fortunate to be able to benefit from the contributions of the following legal experts who have come forward to assist the Association:

Dr Jeffrey F Addicott

Dr Addicott is a Distinguished Professor of Law and the Director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St, Mary's University School of Law, San Antonio, Texas. An active duty Army officer in the Judge Advocate General's Corps for twenty years, he retired at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 2000. Professor Addicott spent a quarter of his career as the senior legal advisor to the US Army's Special Forces. As an internationally recognized authority on national security law, terrorism law and human rights law, Dr Addicott not only lectures and participates in professional and academic organizations both in the USA and abroad (over 500), he has been a frequent contributor to national and international news media outlets to include FOX NEWS, MSNBC, CNN, BBC, the New York Times, and Washington Post (amongst others). Professor Addicott is a prolific author, publishing over 20 books, articles and monographs on a variety of legal topics. His most recent book (2001) is entitled Terrorism Law: Cases, Materials, Comments (6th edition).

Among his many contributions to the field, Professor Addicott pioneered the teaching of Law of War and Human Rights courses to the militaries of numerous nascent democracies in Eastern Europe and Latin America. For these efforts, he was awarded the legion of Merit, named the "Army Judge Advocate of the  Year" and honored as a co-recipient of the American Bar Association's Hodson Award. He has served in senior legal positions in Germany, Korea, Panama and throught the USA. He holds a Doctor of Juridical Science, a Master of Laws (University of Virginia School of Law and a second from the Army Judge Advocate General's School) and a Juris Doctor from the University of Alabama School of Law.

Ingo Klaus Wamser

Ingo Klaus Wamser started his own law firm specializing in admiralty and international criminal law in 2005 after two years working experience within the Bavarian Department of Justice and the military industry as the youngest holder of a bar admission in Germany at the time.

Herr Wamser currently lectures on the Law of the Sea and maritime incident response at the Montanuniversitait Leoben in Austria and on the legal framework for private security guards at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lower Bavaria (HK Niederbayern). He is a volunteer delegate at IMO for a shipping related NGO and a frequent contributor to conferences on maritime security, law enforcement and criminal prosecution of international crimes.

Besides his legal activities that focus on maritime law enforcement and the criminal liability of private security companies, he runs a PFSO training center officially recognized i.a. by Hamburg and Bremen.

Stephen Webb

Mr Stephen Webb is a registered Barrister and Solicitor on the roll of the High Court of New Zealand, having been admitted to the bar in 2000. He has served as a police criminal prosecutor and also has eight years as a commercial and maritime lawyer in New Zealand. He has participated in criminal defence work for serving and ex police officers in cases relating to Excessive Use of Force and firearms issues. Currently, he is employed by the Bahrain Polytechnic and is the course supervisor and lecturer for courses in International Transport Law, International Transport Security and International Transport Organizations. He is currently working on his LLM thesis on the "Use of Force by Government and Private Entities against Pirates in the Middle East and East Africa."

Mr Webb also brings significant operational experience to the Association, augmenting his legal capacity. He has 13 years service in the new Zealand Police Force in various roles from front-line patrol and supervision of special operations squads (AOS). He is a qualified Army and Police firearms instructor and a police special tactics instructor with numerous deployments as a personal protection officer for foreign dignitaries. He has produced and delivered many comprehensive training programs to the NZ Police Officers including on the Use of Force, Fire orders, Criminal Responsibility and Risk Management. He also has 10 years service in the NZ Army Territorial Force (Reserves) in both the Military Police and Infantry Corps.