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For Corporations Seeking Affiliation / Vetting

Background and Context
1. The concept of professionalism can be described in terms of the following:
a. Practicing within a specific and defined domain
b. Adhering to a sound and proven body of knowledge; and
c. Adherence to a Code of Conduct or other standard of ethical practice
2. The concept of professionalism operates at an individual level. This is because the ultimate accountability for an individual`s actions remains personal in nature.
3. An organization may foster a professional culture. For that professional culture to flourish within the organization, it must have senior management support and be clearly prescribed within company policies.
4. The intent of this document is to lay out the road map by which a company affiliates itself with IAMSP and then proceeds through the vetting process.
5. IAMSP will support the efforts of companies that are attempting to raise their professional standards or adhere to the highest of professional standards. This is consistent with both the mandate of IAMSP to act as a professional oversight body and as an organization concerned with building capacity within the maritime security domain.
6. IAMSP will only formally endorse those companies that can demonstrate through credible means that they meet or exceed the standards of professional conduct.
7. IAMSP will maintain a disciplinary investigative capability and oversight role and shall operate it in a fair, impartial and compassionate method.
Individual Memberships
8. Individual memberships are assigned to persons upon completion of the following:

a. Acceptance that they will uphold the Code of Practice

b. Acceptance that they will uphold the Constitution

c. Acceptance that they will abide by the Non-Disclosure Agreement.
9. The individual may indicate that they have accepted this through any one or more of the following:

a. Physical signature

b. Electronic Signature

c. Where neither of the above are possible, through an email that clearly indicates that he or she agrees to be bound by the conditions outlined in the document and clearly identifies which document (including version number) is being referred to.
10. While membership remains at the discretion of the Association (contingent upon adhering to the above), it remains attached to the individual.

Corporate Affiliation with IAMSP
11. The IAMSP does not fully endorse the Corporate Affiliate, but does recognize that the Corporate Affiliate has taken steps to promote professional and ethical conduct within its organization.
12. This basic level of formal ties between the Association and the company is the corporate affiliation. This involves the company taking the following steps but not undergoing the vetting process:
a. Adopting the Code of Practice (or the measures therein) and incorporating it into its policies and practices;
b. Indicating the understanding that the Key Operating Officials and permanent employees will abide by the Code of Practice, uphold the Constitution, and abide by the Non-Disclosure Agreement; and
c. Requiring their key operating officials and delegated permanent employees to become full members and all others representing their organization (but not directly employed by the company) to adhere to the Code of Practice, the Non-Disclosure Agreement (constraining only to IAMSP business).
13. The fee for corporate affiliation is the number of full memberships required by the company to meet the criteria above to a maximum of $1500.00 (USD). Should the number of memberships required exceed the fifteen (15), then IAMSP will issue the memberships without fee.
14. Memberships paid for by the company as part of a corporate affiliation are not transferable. An individual seeking to maintain his or her membership upon departure may retain his or her membership number following joining as an individual member or having the new company indicate to the Association that the membership is being covered by the company gaining the employee.

Vetted Companies
15. A vetted company consists of an affiliate company that has chosen to undertake a detailed review of its internal structures, policies and operations. A vetted company will be able to demonstrate, to a standard comparable to audit criteria, that it has taken steps necessary to establish sound quality management systems, ethics and structures.

16. The specific elements of the vetting process are included in the document “Corporate Vetting” and a company that meets those standards will be endorsed in accordance with those standards.

17. There are no additional fees for the vetting process. Should the company being vetted require an individual to attend at their site, the attending individual is to be afforded the following:
a. Travel costs
b. Meal costs
c. Accommodations (if required to stay more than 8 hours)
d. Per Diem rate not to exceed $1000/day with one day being made up of 7.5 hours of work.

18. In terms of paying the above, travel, meal and accommodations costs are to be advanced to the individual with 25% of the work fee. The remainder shall be due upon completion of the work.

Joining Process
Step 1 – The Company reviews the Constitution, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Code of Practice and other documents.
Step 2 – The Company contacts any member of the Executive, indicating their intent to become an affiliate member.
Step 3 – The Company downloads the pdf of the Non-Disclosure Agreement and completes it, returning the completed and signed copy to the President of the Association. A signature may be either physical or electronic, as long as it can be clearly linked to the individual signing the document.
Step 4 – The Association confirms that it has received the Non-Disclosure Agreement and clearly indicates that it understands that the Association will take all reasonable care to protect the proprietary and sensitive information of the Company
Step 5 – The Company then submits a signed copy of the Association’s Code of Practice and attaches the board resolution that indicates that the Company will adhere to those practices.
Step 6 – The Key Operating Officials (CEO, etc), supervisory positions or permanent personnel who have control over a business process complete the NDA and sign the Code of Practice. These may be scanned and submitted to the Association electronically.
Step 7 – The Association identifies the number of persons who would be required to hold paid full membership. The cost to the company is $100 per person up to a maximum of $1500(USD). This payment is remitted to either Secretary Treasurer or through the provided link.
Step 8 – Upon receipt of the confirmation of the documentation, the Association will conduct a background review to determine if there appears to be any activity that would contravene the Code of Practice. Should information be found, then the company will be given an opportunity to provide an explanation of the circumstances.
Step 9 – Upon determination that no information of concern exists, the Company may be granted Affiliate status. At this time, the fees would become payable for the 15 members.
At this point, the Company may present the “Official logo” on their website and identify themselves as an affiliate subject to the Code of Practice and Association oversight.
The Company is given a grace period of 18 months (1.5 budget cycles) to prepare for formal vetting. Companies are to be advised that IAMSP may assist through the provision of guidance and advice. Where the Association individual must attend at the site, routine costs apply. Alternative arrangements can be made and put in to place if mutually agreed upon. If a Company does not arrange to undergo the vetting process within the 18 months, it must provide the basis for failing to submit. An extension to allow up to a total of 24 months may be authorized on a case-by-case basis. Should the company fail to submit to the process, the Executive will determine, in consultation with the Company, if it is to remain as part of the Association.

Step 10 – The Company identifies that it desires to undergo the vetting process to a Member of the Executive.
Step 11 – Both parties confirm that they understand that the NDA remains in force.
Step 12 – The Association forwards the vetting tool to the Company for its examination. A telephone call may be initiated in order to clarify any specific points or issues.
Step 13 – The Company completes the vetting tool, providing supporting documentation for all claims. Where documentation is sensitive, this is to be communicated to the Association so that additional controls can be put in place.
Step 14 – Having reviewed the documentation, an interview is set up with the Point of Contact for the company and any manager or person in position of authority. The purpose of this interview is to evaluate the values and ethics of the Company. This may be conducted by telephone as long as positive identification of all parties can be assured.
Step 15 – Having completed the document review and interview, the Association then requests reference checks regarding past operations. The Association may return to the Company to resolve any issues.
Step 16 – A decision is reached regarding the vetting. This includes the following:
• Accepted / Satisfactory where all elements are addressed appropriately
• Opportunity for Improvement where all elements can be addressed within 6 months
• Needs attention where a significant number of elements are missing, incomplete or not applied correctly.
Step 17 – The results are determined in accordance with corporate vetting model. A copy of formal letter of vetting is provided and the names of the company appear on all relevant communication tools.
Step 18 – The Company is provided with its serialized official logo and is informed that they may post it on their website and indicate that they are a vetted member of the Association.