The following corporate affiliate members have given us their permission to publish their details and status:

At Evolutionary Security Management, we recognize the importance of the maritime industry and the need to protect it against a range of threats.

We also recognize that the maritime industry is also subject to a broad range of international, legal and regulatory controls that can make it difficult to balance operations and additional security controls.

Our approach takes into account such requirements as maintaining the continuity of operations, organizational resilience, asset protection and regulatory compliance in a way that uses available resources effectively and efficiently–ensuring that every control has a clearly defined purpose within the overall protective system.

We have applied these concepts effectively in a range of environments–from High Risk Areas like the Horn of Africa to domestic Canadian ports.


Our Maritime Division provides armed security for shipping clients with transits through maritime high risk areas like: Gulf of Aden, African coasts, Indian Ocean, Far East and South America. Seraph Protection Group S.A. serves its Asian markets through a Joint-Venture with Huawei Security Company LTD in Macau and its Seraph Korea Division.

KenyaRisk offer reliable and effective security solutions, security consultancy services and maritime security solutions in East Africa and beyond. With a firm foundation and experience in Africa, KenyaRisk delivers tailored solutions based on client requirements and regional expertise.

We are proud of our strong track record of successful operational outcomes, and also offer a truly global footprint through our affiliated network of trusted service partners.

Our services include security and logistics consultancy and solutions on land and sea, as well as a variety of related services and anti terrorism training. Above all, KenyaRisk have the capabilities to act effectively and decisively when it matters most.

ZEFYROS is the west wind, the source of life, harmonizing the operation of nature as a whole.

Inspired by this momentum and taking into account the developments of the time, ZEFYROS LTD INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION GROUP after assiduous study and activity in international events in the field of security services across the land, maritime and air security operations, offers integrated solutions for safe movement of people, cargo and assets. Also offers other security services as well as private investigations and negotiation consulting, in accordance with international law and recognized standards.

Maritime Security International (MSI) was established in 2009 for the purpose of training, advising & protecting seafarers from the threat of piracy, armed robbery and illegal boarding of merchant vessels.

The company is made up of dedicated ex-Navy Seals, Special Forces and ex-Coastguard Officers with vast experience in un-armed & armed piracy protection, crew training & vessel’s fortification.

Strategically located in the Eastern Mediterranean basin, conveniently close to the port of Piraeus enabling 24/7 worldwide mobilization.

Swat Security Systems Europa (Swat Security Systems Europa) is a business group dedicated to the Multidisciplinary International Security Worldwide. We provide Specialized Security Solutions to our customers. Our services are based on cutting-edge concepts and technology. Our solutions range from risk analysis, to the mobilization and management of resources demanded by the customer.

Seal Solutions & Maritime Operations Ltd “(SSMO)
is a company formed to address and counter the issue of terrorism & piracy attacks in the areas of the Red sea, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and West Africa. We have worked with the most flag states and additional we are approved by the Commission of the Panama Maritime Authority to provide services to Panamanian vessels. We provide security services with specialization in maritime and land operations where we are most accustomed due to our background. SSMO founders are former Navy seals,  and its personnel is mainly comprised of former members of special forces, navy seals teams, which have undergone additional extensive training in several countries worldwide, including but not limit Greece, USA, Germany, England, as Masters, Pilots, Explosive Ordnance disposal technicians, Combat medic, Security officers, negotiators and more.

索 马里海盗依然威胁着海上航行安全,世界各国军舰护航越来越少,华卫国际特聘美国、以色列、荷兰等国际知名教官开展海上安保培训。如今,在华卫国际的旗下, 拥有一支作战经验丰富的前海军陆战队特种兵组成的海上安保分队。他们经过国际反海盗认证培训,加之昔日他们在亚丁湾参加军舰护航积累的宝贵经验,全体队员 能够胜任各自岗位的工作,迎战海盗。为中国乃至世界的远洋运输事业做出自己的贡献!

Pirates still threaten the safety of maritime navigation, the world warships are not always there when needed. Hua wei uses distinguished United States, Israel, the Netherlands and other internationally renowned instructors to conduct maritime security training for its personnel. Hua wei, has combat experienced former Marine commando units trained in maritime security. The whole team is qualified for their respective positions and can, for China, help to make its own contribution against piracy.

Sea Nemesis Security (SNS) Ltd. is the Private Maritime Security Company you can trust for peace of mind, with turnkey solutions against piracy and other unlawful acts against your vessels, port and terminal, and oil and gas industries.

SNS is not the “ordinary” PMSC, it is a team of very highly trained individuals and onboard teams which really take a transformative approach to the counter – piracy effort.

SNS is a cutting edge provider of cost effective maritime security services, owned & managed exclusively by senior ex-Navy Special Forces members (Navy SEALs). In view of the piracy threat in the Gulf of Guinea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, the Somali Basin and the wider Indian Ocean, SNS is able to provide ship and yacht owners with comprehensive on board security protection (mainly ARMED) with a very short notice.