Academic and / or Training institutions play a key role in the development of our future professionals. As a result, the Association makes particular efforts to recognize those Academic and/or Training Institutes that take and maintain demonstrable efforts to promote and advocate the goals and values of the Association. For this recognition, the Academic and/or Training Institute must be able to demonstrate the following at all times and upon request by any Member of the Executive:

  • That the Academic and/or Training Institute offers, within its training curriculum (as an individual course or as a module within the course), material that meets or exceeds the requirements described in the Code of Practice; and
  • That all students being instructed in maritime security receive training or instruction that is consistent with the technical guidance provided by the Association or that can be related directly to the practices of a body of security professionals that have, through peer review and critical analysis, provided guidance on that specific topic.

The Association does not charge or levy any fee for Academic or Training institutions that meet the above requirements, although the costs associated with the process are born by the institution. The Association also does not insist upon persons either instructing at or attending as a Cadet (Student) become members as part of the institution’s membership requirements.

Because many Academic and / or  Training Institutes operate on timetables that are not exactly in step with the calendar year, a special exemption is made for student members where the Academic or Training Institution covers their annual memberships. In those cases, the Academic and/or Training Institute may renew the student’s annual memberships in line with their academic or training calendars. It is not mandatory for an institution to require its students to be members or to commit funds to the Association as part of this commitment.

Once all the requirements above have been verified to the satisfaction of the full Executive, the Academic and / or Training Institute may use the IAMSP logo on its website and correspondence indicating the steps that it has taken. A review of applications takes place as part of the monthly meetings. As a result, it is recommended that eight weeks be allowed (at a maximum) for a decision to be reached and communicated back to the applying Academic and/or Training Institute.

This benefit is contingent upon the ability to demonstrate that the requirements are being maintained and may, at the discretion of the Executive, be removed with an explanation as to the nature of its removal.