While the IAMSP does not offer Corporate Membershipsprom dresses UK, it does choose to recognize the efforts of Corporations that have made and sustained clearly demonstrable efforts to maintain the core values of the Association as part of its business activities in the Recognized Corporate Participant program. This is a voluntary prgram that parallels the same criteria as used for its individual members (the primary exception being the right to vote or the privilege of holding one of the elected positions).

For this recognition, the Corporation must provide and be able to demonstrate, at any time, the following to any Member of the Executive:

  • That all key officers (including Presidents, Directors, Treasurer, Secretary, etc) personally hold either a full membership or affiliate membership, as appropriate;
  • That 2/3 of all employees that could hold full membership hold a valid full membership at any given time;
  • That the corporation (or equivalent entity) requires all subcontractors or other persons who provide maritime security services on behalf of the organization to have signed off on the Code of Practice as a condition of the contract; and
  • Themselves have signed off on the Code of Practice and Non-Disclosure Agreement as per a regular member.

Personal memberships are not transferrable to another individual. Any arrangements made between the Employer and its Employee are strictly between those two parties.

At this point in time, there are no additional fees beyond the personal membership fees associated with this status. As noted in the Constitution, the aim of the Association is to promote and advocate professional conduct in all aspects of the Maritime Security domain. Corporations that can clearly demonstrate that they meet the above criteria at all times will be able to maintain their status.

Once all the requirements above have been verified to the satisfaction of the full Executive, the Corporation may use the IAMSP logo on its website and correspondence indicating the steps that it has taken. The examination of any applications in this respect take place at the monthly meeting. It is requested that six (6) weeks (at a maximum) be allowed from the date application to the date that an answer is received back at the Corporation.

This benefit is contingent upon the ability to demonstrate that the requirements are being maintained and may, at the discretion of the Executive, be removed with an explanation as to the nature of its removal.


It should be noted that where a corporation is determined or otherwise found to have violated the Code of Practice, only the corporate status and the status of those directly involved with the issue will be called into question. Those parties that would be called into question or asked to account for their actions include decision-makers, those that did not raise any appropriate concerns regarding the decision (as appropriate within their organization’s administrative structure), or that were involved in the commission of the act.