This page describes and indicates the names of companies that have committed to undergoing the Association's rigorous vetting process, met those requirements (to various degrees) and have consented to having their name used in the public domain. It should be noted that IAMSP allows companies not to have their name posted where a company feels that the public nature of the system could leave them at risk of having another organization reverse engineer internal policies, standards, and practices.Where a company does not wish to have its name used, the Association may be contacted to verify the status of the company within the vetting process (we endeavour to have responses back within 24 hours).

IAMSP receives no consideration as part of the vetting processes and all assessments are carried out by third parties so as to ensure the credibility and testability of the vetting process. Further details can be found in the Corporate Vetting standard.

Full Endorsement

Companies that are Fully Endorsed have undergone a review of their corporate structure and operations and have demonstrated, through a combination of document review, interviews, and on-site inspection, that their corporations have in place (documented and approved) policies, plans and procedures that meet the stated requirements or intents of the following:

  • ISO 9001:2008 - Requirements of Quality Management Systems,
  • The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers as signed by the Company, and
  • MSC 1 / Circular 1405.

Each company must also commit to a two-year continuous improvement plan with respect to the integration and management of these requirements into their operations. IAMSP undertakes a review every six months of the company to determine whether or not they have achieved those benchmarks.

The following companies have completed the verification for full endorsement:

  • Sea Guardian Ltd

Provisional Endorsement

Companies that have achieved provisional status have met the requirements described above but have yet to successfully complete their first review involving the benchmarks set in the Continuous Improvement Plan. Should a company be Provisionally endorsed and meet their next review, they are elevated to fully endorsed status. Should they fail to meet their benchmarks, they are placed on Performance Review.

The following companies have achieved Provisional Endorsement:

Affiliate Status

Affiliates to the Association are in the process of working through the vetting process. IAMSP is committed to increasing the standards of professionalism within the industry. As a result, IAMSP provides (for no consideration) tools that, if appropriately adopted and maintained, may assist in the successful completion of the vettng process. Each company is also assigned a "case officer" who will act as a point of contact between the company and the Association.

Once the company has met all the requirement described above, they will be elevated to Provisionally Endorsed status.

At this point in time, there are several companies who have Affiliate Status but have elected to remain anonymous pending completion of the vetting process.