As part of its core functions, the Association assists its members through coordinating critical peer reviews for those offering training. A critical peer review involves the author of the course providing (under certain controls) the full materials of the course to a third party with no vested interest and who can demonstrate expertise in the domain (reviewer). The reviewer(s) then work through each element of the course, checking the content of the course to ensure that the material it communicates is relevant, based on sound practices, and recent. This is intended to provide members with an ability to conduct additional Quality Assurance checks while also providing those seeking training with the ability to have an outside opinion provided with respect to the content of the course. For those that that are seeking credible training, this vetting process and peer review process is a key step in being able to determine, free of vested interests or marketing, whether or not the courses being looked at can be reasonably expected to meet their needs.

Vetted Courses

Argonautic Personal Protection & Defence Systems (Ltd)

Hostile Maritime Environment Operator Foundation Course (Silver: 01 November 2010). This course is intended to provide a broad theoretical foundation while also providing sound tactical training for those that are likely to be providing security services within environments under the threat of terrorist attack or piracy. It has been assessed against Silver criteria and is currently undergoing Gold criteria reviews.

Trident, Red Cell


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Trident, Red Cell’s maritime security wing, delivers task specific maritime security training to corporate incident management teams, merchant marine seafarer’s and maritime security professionals alike.

Training for Maritime Security Professionals is directly aligned with IMO Model Course 3.23 and incorporates the key objectives of the International Code of conduct for Private Security Service Providers.

Shipping Companies, Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) and individual Maritime Security Professionals can be assured that the Trident standard of training has been developed to train to the operational performance required.