At this point in time, we are into Phase II of our membership project and preparing to move into Phase III (anticipated May 1, 2011). This project is a key activity in our 2010-2012 Membership Campaign.

There are three phases to this project:

Phase 1

The initial membership drive. This involves the Association contacting potential members who have expressed an interest in the formation of a professional association in the past. While these prospective members will still be required to meet all the membership criteria (see the Membership Page), the fee up to 01 June 2011 is being waived.

Phase 2

The expanded drive into the community. At this point in time, individuals will be required to meet the membership criteria but will also be required to pay the annual fees beginning 01 June 2011. This is because of a number of linkages to ongoing projects that will be in direct support of the Membership becoming available at that point in time.

Phase 3

The normalization drive. At this point, we will be moving to the full membership requirements and are anticipating having a number of benefits available that warrant moving into a steady-state.

It should be clear, that this is a professional association that will operate in three tiers:

  • those that are interested (Affiliate members),
  • those that have committed to certain core values as they deliver maritime security services (Full members),
  • and those that have been certified by the Association as meeting the criteria in terms of knowledge, experience, commitment and conduct (Certified members).

The status of a certified member is not available at this time as there are certain key steps that need to be taken. First, it should be clear that there will be no “grandfathering” clause–that is to say that an individual is granted certification based upon their past experience alone. A common theme that is bringing this community is making sure that the job is done right and, as a result, we will be ensuring that all those that attain certification status can clearly demonstrate –through examination, experience and conduct –that they are worthy of holding that certification.

To join the Association, please follow these steps:

  1. Read through the Code of Practice, Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Constitution.
  2. If you do not wish to join, click on "Register" and this will allow you to access the reference sections.
  3. If you wish to join, click on the "Join IAMSP" link to the right and proceed through the payment process. You will asked to acknowledge five questions that are used as the vetting process.
  4. Once you have posted the payment, you will receive confirmation through the email and the Secretary will be in contact with you regarding your membership number and documents.

At this point in time, we have been fortunate to have had the Code of Practice translated into French through ISSG Holdings Ltd. As a result, should you require an unofficial French Copy, it can be provided for those that are more comfortable in that language. Please contact me directly in that case.