Vetting of Training Process Released

IAMSP is proud to announce that it has passed another benchmark in its efforts to provide support for professionalization within the maritime security industry. The Vetting of Training document provides the framework within which the Association can assess training from providers that are seeking the Association's endorsement. This serves two purposes. First, it holds the provider to a high standard in the development of the training and then monitors that training to ensure that it is continuing to meet those requirements. Second, it ensures that the Association's efforts in this respect are both clearly understood and transparent to the submitter, holding the Association accountable for mmaintaining a clearly communicated, documented, repeatable and audit-able process.

This benchmark is one of the final steps in the Association's adherence to two key standards. The first, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems(and its associated documents) describes a management system that ensures that the requirements of the client, in this case the submitter and the candidate, are met. The second tier of documents, including ISO 17024:2003 Conformity Assessment - General requirements for bodies operating the certification of persons is intended to ensure that the training being endorsed has been through a process that clearly demonstrates its relevance to the industry.

The Vetting of Training document can be accessed from the Vetting of Training page for those that have registered on the IAMSP website.

IAMSP TET Supports Service

IAMSP is pleased to announce the results of the Technical Evaluation Team’s (TET) review of the service currently in beta testing and expected to move into full production mode in the near future. This review, undertaken by a team of three persons under the oversight of the President, examined the offering based upon its adherence to the latest and sound principles associated with maritime domain awareness, information and intelligence production, and its utility to the maritime security effort currently underway in the Indian Ocean (and applicable elsewhere).

This review touched on 168 topics that included reviewing the concept, design, fragility, safety, maintenance, life cycle management, risk management and training elements associated with the service being offered and took place over a six week period.

formal bridesmaid dresses As a result of this effort, it is the assessment of the TET that the service does address a significant need or vulnerability currently evident within the maritime security awareness domain, has demonstrated that (under normal operating conditions) to be consistently reliable and to be reasonable in terms of integration and maintenance within organization’s normal operating routines.

The IAMSP is of the belief, based on sound doctrine and experience, that timely information communication and sharing is an essential element in helping protect our seafarers during higher-risk transits. We further echo the concept that such information sharing must be done across the full community of those seeking to protect our seafarers and add our voice to calls to the various reporting centers and organizations to focus on this important goal.

IAMSP Membership Identified in Bahamas Bulletin 128

IAMSP is pleased to inform those seeking to practice or practicing within the realm of armed security on board vessels that its membership has been accepted as one of three named organizations that can be used to assist in the verificationof professional standing accepted by the Bahamas Maritime Authority. This recognition is based upon our support for the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers.

IAMSP commits to ensuring that the following three principles are maintained in this effort:

On watch in the Gulf of Aden / Indian Ocean

  • To maintain this status for as long as reasonable and for as long as it does not conflict with the principles defined in the Code of Practice;
  • To ensure that this status is not abused through overpricing its memberships for persons seeking to join the Association, maintaining our core principles that professionalism is based upon competence, compliance and conduct and not the ability to pay; and
  • To establish a clearly defined method for those members to both self-assess their level of adherence to the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers and to assist them in preparing for oversight activities (such as audits) that may result from the requirement to adhere to the written letter and principles of the Code.

For those that are seeking to meet this requirement and believe that they can achieve the highest professional standards, please feel free to contact us or visit the website for further details.

International Code of Conduct

Reposted from 11 November 2010 - The IAMSP is proud to be amongst the first Industry Associations lending their support and signatures to the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers. Allan McDougall represented ISSG Holdings, Evolutionary Security, APPDSand IAMSP at the signing ceremony held in Geneva, Switzerland on 09 November 2010.

This Code of Conduct, often referred to as the ICoC, is the first major step in a vital effort to ensure that companies operating in Formal Dresses NZ: Wedding Dresses,Bridesmaid Dresses,Ball Prom Dresses,Cocktail Gownscomplex environments (where the rule of law has been significantly eroded) conduct their operations in a way that is respectful of the human rights that have been enshrined in such documents as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This ICoC builds upon the foundations that were laid with the Montreux Document and so it may be seen as an appropriate evolutionary step rather than a revolutionary step. This is important because we need to understand that this is not a sudden and short term effort. It is something that is going to be built, implemented and maintained over time.

To date, we have been involved as an original signatory. We are currently involved in the process that will become the Maritime Security appendix and also involved in the ASIS International efforts associated with the development of the Technical standards. In short, the Association is proud to be able to say that it is at the leading edge of the development of this important effort.

For those interested in participating in the development of this Code, a discussion forum is being set up in this space within the controlled members area where specific elements can be discussed, collated and then presented to the drafting authorities.


IAMSP Represented on ASIS Technical Committee for the ICoC

We are pleased to announce that IAMSP will be represented in the community of 200 persons selected as the ASIS International Technical Committee for the development of the standards for the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers. Allan McDougall, President of the Association and Director of Evolutionary Security Management (a signatory company) has been selected to participate in this important effort.

IAMSP continues to be involved in this significant effort, including the upcoming efforts to draft the maritime security Appendix to this work as one of a number of industry stakeholders.