IAMSP Submits MSC.1/Circ 1405 Comments

    IAMSP is pleased to announce that it has submitted its comments regarding MSC.1/Circ 1405. The document, while generally sound and providing valuable guidance, was reviewed by a number of members and the Executive of IAMSP. The result of significant discussions, research and other activities resulted in nearly eleven pages of qualitative comments being submitted to the International Maritime Organization for its consideration.
    Drawing upon a community that includes master mariners, operators, certified security professionals, members of regulatory and oversight bodies, the comments identify many strengths and potential areas of improvement in the document given the challenges faced by the maritime security community today. The intent of putting these challenges forward is to ensure that the guidance provided yields the best possible results for the maritime industry and ensures that IAMSP's members are fairly and appropriately represented.
    This effort is one of the tangible ways that IAMSP supports its membership--by assisting the providing a voice to its members on such important topics.
    Full, Associate and Student members seeking a copy of the document submitted to IMO may request it through either the President or the Secretary / Treasurer of the Association.The document may also be made available through the website to members only in the near future.

Vetting of Training Process Released

IAMSP is proud to announce that it has passed another benchmark in its efforts to provide support for professionalization within the maritime security industry. The Vetting of Training document provides the framework within which the Association can assess training from providers that are seeking the Association's endorsement. This serves two purposes. First, it holds the provider to a high standard in the development of the training and then monitors that training to ensure that it is continuing to meet those requirements. Second, it ensures that the Association's efforts in this respect are both clearly understood and transparent to the submitter, holding the Association accountable for mmaintaining a clearly communicated, documented, repeatable and audit-able process.

This benchmark is one of the final steps in the Association's adherence to two key standards. The first, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems(and its associated documents) describes a management system that ensures that the requirements of the client, in this case the submitter and the candidate, are met. The second tier of documents, including ISO 17024:2003 Conformity Assessment - General requirements for bodies operating the certification of persons is intended to ensure that the training being endorsed has been through a process that clearly demonstrates its relevance to the industry.

The Vetting of Training document can be accessed from the Vetting of Training page for those that have registered on the IAMSP website.


Vetting-Technology and Services

This document describes the core policies, standards, procedures and guildelines associated with the vetting of technology or services on behalf of the organization. It requires that the process be clearly defined by the Association, the appropriate protection of Company proprietary data, the identification of standards in line with best practices (legal, regulatory and industry), and the overall requirements for the Technical Evaluation Team and overseeing member of the Executive to remain free of any financial tie or reward that could be associated with the evaluation.

This system is supported by Technical Evaluation Team working tool, incorporating the 168 contact points and Key Performance Indicators for evaluation.