Quality Control Manual and Framework

    We are pleased to announce that our Quality Control Manual (QCM) has passed field application and is now being made available to Full and Associate members. Quality control plays a significant role by formalizing and standardizing the organization's ability to maintain appropriate service levels and also continuously improve those services. This need will likely be incorporated into a number of evolving standards.
    Based on ISO 9001:2008, the Quality Control Manual provides a detailed and well-documented framework that can be used to establish rigorous Quality Controls within the organization. The tool is clearly written, incorporates sample policies and procedures and also includes a number of working tools that can be used to help the organization demonstrate its compliance with the requirements. It is provided in Word format so as to allow corporations to customize it to their own corporate look-and-feel.
    This effort, undertaken by certain members of the IAMSP Executive, provides yet another clear example of how the Association is assisting its members in meeting and exceeding the highest of standards within the industry. The work is available to Full and Associate members who may request a copy of the work, understanding that it is covered by Non-Disclosure.
    Note: This work is provided, at no additional charge to Full and Associate members and can be obtained by requesting the document from the Secretary at Please ensure you include your name, company name and membership number in the subject heading for the request.

Zeus Maritime Security Services S.A.

IAMSP is proud to announce that Zeus Maritime Security Services S.A. has met or exceeded all the requirements associated with the Provisional Endorsement standard. These requirements include requirements defined under ISO 9001:2008 as published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the major elements of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers as published by the Swiss Government, and the requirements as described in MSC 1 / Circ 1405. These standards were verified through a combination of document review, interviews, and on site observation. Zeus Maritime Security Services S.A. is authorized to use the mark associated with Provisional Endorsement, the mark bearing the company's unique serial number 2011-11-001P.

IAMSP Welcomes Corporate Participants

    IAMSP is pleased to welcome the next round of participants to the corporate vetting process. The Association is now entering its fourth month of the formal vetting process having subjected the program to both critical peer review and an external review by auditors and others in the evaluation community.
    This next round of companies will be benefit from a rigorous, detailed and structured process that will establish them in the forefront of the maritime security industry. The Corporate Vetting process offers companies the benefits of being able to take advantage of expertise within the Association, assistance in the establishment of an Association-monitored two year continuous improvement plan (as per ISO 9001:2008 standards) and the understanding that comes with being vetted by an Association with a truly international understanding of the maritime industry.
    For clients seeking the use of a Private Armed Maritime Security Companies, these companies will be able to clearly demonstrate the highest standards in the maritime security industry. They will also be able to demonstrate that they are supported by a truly professional community that has committed to their maintaining of these standards and in overseeing their operations. It should be noted that the Association does not charge a fee for the corporate vetting process, limiting its financial connection to the memberships within the company (with a reasonable cap on cost applied) and any arrangements made for consultative services between the company and members. Consequently, the Association can clearly demonstrate that it has no vested interest in the results of the vetting process, a step that helps assure its clients that there are no conflicts of interest or other factors that could taint the results.
    The Association bases its professional standards on the same principles as those held by the most venerable of professions--the medical, engineering, architectural and legal communities.

ISSG Achieves Provisional Endorsement

"IAMSP Logo"

    IAMSP is pleased to announce that ISSG Holdings has passed through the first phase of the Association's corporate vetting process. The first phase involves demonstrating (through documentation review, interview and observation) that the baseline requirements of the vetting process have all been met or are in the final phase integration.
    These commitments are based on three principles--quality assurance, values and ethics, and sound management. Quality Assurance is measured against the requirements of the International Organizations for Standardization (ISO), taking into account the specific operations of the company. The second criteria, values and ethics, are measured against the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers and supporting / parallel requirements. The third is based upon the requirements derived from the guidance provided by the IMO MSC 1/Circ 1405. Specific details regarding the standards used in the vetting are available by contacting the President of IAMSP.
    The first phase is considered completed when the company agrees to mapping out a two year commitment to continuous improvement--demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the requirements described in the vetting process. These commitments are broken down into six month benchmarks that are overseen by the Association, ensuring that the company maintains its commitments over time.
    This corporate vetting process reflects IAMSP's commitment to assisting the maritime industry in identifying organizations that have made significant and tangible commitments to sound practices within the maritime security domain. It also demonstrates our commitment to the maritime security industry to assist them in achieving and maintaining the highest of professional standards.
    The following information is pertinent to this statement:

  1. Status: Provisional (on entry into program)
  2. Next full review: February 2012 (in addition to monitoring)
  3. Name: ISSG Holdings Ltd
  4. File Number: 2011-08-001P (upon successful completion of six month review, will be amended to 2011-08-001F)
  5. Logo Verification: Name and file number must appear in center of logo over globe.
  6. Documentation verification: Copy of official document available upon request through provider
  7. Electronic: Electronic copy requested from IAMSP will be digitally signed.

Trident Marine Security Operator Course Endorsed

IAMSP is pleased to announce that the Trident Training (Red Cell Limited) Marine Security Operator course has passed through the vetting and quality assurance checks to achieve endorsement by the Association. The checks that were conducted under the oversight of the President took the additional step of engaging a neutral third party for the purposes of review against the IMO Model Course 3.23 (Actions to be Taken to Prevent Piracy and Armed Robbery-2011 edition.

Additionally,the course was compared against many of the requirements associated with the recent draft of MSC 89 and the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers. These elements that were specifically noted were on issues associated with human rights and the use of force.

We will be providing a link to this course in the near future for those who are interested in pursuing it.

We are pleased to add this course to our growing list of training being reviewed. The procedures associated with the review process can be found published publicly on our website in order to ensure transparency.