IAMSP’s mission is to establish itself as the pre-eminent Association of security professionals operating within the maritime environment.

To accomplish this mission, the Association is focused on the fulfilment of the following objectives:

  • To develop the appropriate sound security standards, guidelines and practices;
  • To promote and advocate professional conduct in all aspects of the maritime security domain;
  • To soundly advise internal and external organizations with respect to maritime security issues;
  • To develop (or assist in the development of) sound education, training and professional advancement material; and
  • To provide a community of trusted professionals that can work collaboratively to address challenges within the maritime security domain.

Maritime Headlines

Best Practices

This page is intended to provide a repository of links to guidance that has been accepted as Best Management Practices (BMP) within the maritime security industry. To be included on this page, the practice must undergo a critical review, be made available to the public at no cost, and address a specific issue.

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Anti-Piracy Resources

As with any security-related activity, operators and masters should exercise due care in making the preparations to transit waters where there is an elevated risk of piracy. This involves ensuring that the vessel’s route has been planned taking into account areas of known threat or reasonably predictable threat, the vessel has undergone an assessment by competent personnel and that the appropriate measures have been put in place and exercised

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IAMSP is committed to assisting our memberships as they work to improve their level of services and professionalism. This support is a key element of the Association’s efforts and the eLearning effort makes us unique within the community in that IAMSP is the sole organization that offers that opportunity to its membership as part of its membership fees (Full and Associate).

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When you join IAMSP, you are entering into a community that supports each other for the betterment of the industry. This is done at reasonable cost.


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