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IAMSP does not subscribe to the belief or approach that an organization must be a full member of the Association to bring value to the maritime industry. While we believe that our membership can demonstrate, through their commitments and their actions, that they bring additional value to their clients, we understand that we are operating as part of a larger community.

What we do offer is the potential for endorsement. Working through the endorsement process is challenging.

First, it begins with an exchange of Non-Disclosure Agreements so that you understand that your proprietary information is protected reasonably.

Second, it begins with the identification of a third party expert. After this point, the offering will be placed under very close scrutity, with inputs from the third party expert, to see if the offering satisfies the requirements of the Association.

For academic institutions, the Association takes a slightly different approach. It should be clear that these are for formally established training institutions comparable to colleges, universitites, and training institutes.

Endorsements take approximately 8 to 12 weeks to work through the process. Please note that there may be a reasonable cost applied to this. This will be discussed before the process begins.